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It turns out that the process of becoming a retailer is reminiscent of the chicken and egg debate. You have to prove you're a viable retailer in order to purchase goods at wholesale prices but you can't really create a shop without first having the goods to sell. Add that to the lessons learned list.

While we're waiting for these chickens to hatch I'll take some time to introduce myself.

I'm a newlywed wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a dog-mom to 3 pups, as well as a friend/co-worker to many and a close friend to just a few. I spend my days working as a Service Experience Designer for a software company based in Chandler, AZ. A service experience what? 

My job as a service designer is to identify points in a customer's interaction with our product where the addition of assistance (a.k.a. "services") either outside-of or in-conjunction-with the software helps to improve the intended outcome for the customer. Stated another way if you combined a product manager, a UX designer, and a process engineer you'd get a service experience designer.

Being a service designer is a perfect fit for the brand we're developing. Saguaro Market is disguised as a shop that sells (or will sell) beautiful, luxurious gift wrap, paper products, & actual gifts. Underneath the retail disguise, however, is an experience. Our goal with Saguaro Market is to create a place where people want to be. Where they can spend time with friends or family, enjoy a day on their own, or play the day away with consecutive rounds of lawn bowling. Whatever joy you chose, you'll want to do it at Saguaro Market.

The brands that are the best at facilitating joyful experiences make the act of creating joy seem effortless. Think Disneyland, Tiffany's, Google, etc. My goal is for our customers to get the "I could live here" feeling every time they step into our store. I want for them to never know that what they're feeling and doing is actually the product of intentionally designed experiences, interactions, and opportunities. 

While the service design I do from 9-5 is in the world of software, it's not too different from building an experience in the real world. When you put the customer at the center of your design process you are inevitably creating an experience. The Saguaro Market experience will defy traditional classification and surpass expectations at every point in the journey. I can't wait!

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  • Kristine on

    Hi Beverly,
    Thank you for your comment and for reaching out to us as well as for your patience with our delayed response! I didn’t realize until just now that we even had comments on the blog. :-) So here’s where we’re at…we’re currently in the process of setting up the store – my goal, for now, is to get the store opened and then my goal will be to focus on honing in on the right mix of products. In this initial stage we’re focusing on paper & print arts, specifically letterpress, screen print, book arts, fine paper, and some mixed media. Our goal is to expand the product offerings as we build the brand. We’ll keep you up-to-date with periodic emails and please check the blog often for news and events. Thanks you again for contacting us – I look forward to meeting you soon!

  • Beverly on

    I am a local artist with hand painted glasswear (wine, champagne glasses such as the one you are holding in this pic.) my works are indivually painted, dishwasher safe, and make wonderful gifts. I would be very interested in showing you my art and maybe become part of your team.

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