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A new location for Saguaro Market

Earlier today we learned that our lease at Wildcat Storage & Studios had been terminated. When asked why, the property manager said that things were getting "weird" with us. His specific example of "weirdness" was that he found our front door open with no one on site last week. The door was, in fact, left open, but only because the store had been broken into and the contents of the cash register stolen. It was not a situation we had any control over and it was not an example of anything "weird" we'd done. 

With a few hours behind us to think about the situation we believe there is a more likely reason for the sudden turn of events but at this point it’s just conjecture that won’t help the situation. Needless to say there’s a bit more investigation to do and for now the most productive thing we can do is plan for the future. 

My ask of you, our amazing customers, partners, and friends is this: please comment below or email me at with any suggestions or tips on a new, affordable location for Saguaro Market. We'd like to continue working on our vision to build the creative economy & to provide the community with a fun, unique shopping experience but without a space to create the experience this goal is impossible.

Thank you in advance for your tips, suggestions, & enthusiastic support! We appreciate you and our community in general more than we can possibly say.

Please note: we'll be open for business as usual next week (January 11-14) for the January market but beyond the January market we can't say for sure where & even if we'll "be". Please stay tuned for more info and please send good thoughts & energy our way. 💕🌵💕

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  • Julene Lind on

    At the end of Sarasota on the west side just before you enter saguaro national park is a cool little artsy group of Store fronts there are some vacant. A cool and good restaurant Coyote Pause is located there and also a Buffalo Exchange. I think you would fit right in.

  • Mrs O’pop on

    What about near some of these new antique shops in town? Like midtown mercantile!

  • Robyn on

    Come to Sonoita! Open up shop here. 11 Wineries (and I could be corrected on that, as there might be more). We would love such a unique and beautiful shop as yours here. Only an hour south of Tucson and beautiful country and people. Worth taking a look.

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