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Saguaro Market: A step toward building the creative economy (with clean feet)

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Saguaro Market Curb Apeal

trust me, there's a reason why I'm posting a picture of gross dirty feet...Saguaro Market, the commerce side of Saguaro Market & Design, is opening this week and I couldn't be...happier...more nervous....insert a state of being and I'm probably experiencing it this week. I never expected "grossed-out" to make the list, but grossed-out I was last night when I took off my shoes to find these dirty feet! Yesterday was my day to create curb appeal that screams, "COME INSIDE AND BUY BEAUTIFUL GIFTS!" So...I played in the dirt and planted a few of our namesake cactus. Thus the gross, dirty feet. Also thus the screaming cactus above.

While I'm far from "ready" to open my doors on Thursday (although I will be because, of course, pressure is my muse) I'm beginning to think about and pull together a list of tasks for the next step of the Saguaro Market adventure.

If pressure is my muse, the thing that motivates me is my vision: to sustainably grow the creative economy. On the surface Saguaro Market is simply a gift shop designed to sell the work of local artists and unique gifts from makers in the creative community around the world. This is pretty ambitious in and of itself, however, if you look a little closer you'll see that Saguaro Market is a real world, safe space for makers & potential retailers to test and iterate on new ideas and concepts. 

In support of my vision, I'll be publishing several articles about the impact and potential for the creative economy. I'll conclude the series by weaving the articles together to explain the next steps for Saguaro Market. 

The first of these articles is by Alice Loy, the founder of Creative Startups, an accelerator program for entrepreneurs in the creative industry. Click here to read Accelerator Startups: An Unmet Need.


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  • Kristine on

    Thank you Annie! Your comment is second only to my mom’s in the “best comment ever” category!

  • Annie Maier on

    Your mom is right! I love your aesthetic, love your vision, and encourage others to stop in and check out your shop! Thank you for adding such wonder to the Tucson community!

  • Kristine S Spengler on

    Thank you Mom – I think you’re a little biased in your assessment of me. Love you!

  • Connie Spengler on

    Your wonderful, amazing, and so talented.

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