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Selling Wholesale - what does it mean?

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Explanation of Wholesale
Makers that sell wholesale typically discount their product for retailers and have minimum order amounts. Etsy Wholesale, for example, requires makers to discount their retail prices by a minimum of 50% and allows the maker to determine his/her own minimum dollar &/or item quantities.
So what does this look like for you? You'll cut your prices by x% and require that the retailer meet a minimum purchase order of $x. This means that a shop owner has to spend at least $x to get the benefit of the decreased wholesale prices. 
Why would you want to cut your prices? The benefit is in the size of the order. You're able to sell more, have more incoming cash flow, and decrease the cost of labor associated with the handling of packages.
This business model doesn't work for all makers - in particular, makers that sell original artwork sometimes find this option difficult to maintain. 
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