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The old paper corner at Saguaro MarketIt's been a few weeks since we announced that our location on St. Mary's is moving. This post is intended to update you (our amazing customers & friends) on the events that have occurred since that announcement.

As the saying goes, when one door closes another one opens. Our story is no exception. We'll be signing a new lease in Tucson that will allow us to be in the heart of the action, closer to many of our customers as well as closer to other businesses that share similar values. An additional benefit of this move is that we'll be able to do business with a reputable property owner that is supportive of our growth. We'll announce the new location at the beginning of March after we've moved-in. 

Another awesome benefit of this shake-up is that Mary, the face of Saguaro Market to many of you, will be taking a more active & mutually beneficial role in not only the operation of Saguaro Market but also in the strategy and growth of her own company, Miss Century Marvels. She's doing great things - I'm grateful for her friendship, chutzpah, & professionalism. You can learn more about Mary and her adventures on Instagram at @misscenturymarvels

Look for an additional update about Saguaro Market coming later this week. As always, thank you friends!

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  • Kathy Bell on

    When will you update on your new location?

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