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What's Next for Saguaro Market

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What’s next for Saguaro Market

Where is the new store going to be located? When will you next be open?

This is the article for which so many of you have been patiently waiting. The one in which I attempt to answer these questions as well as give you a preview of what else is in the works for Saguaro Market.

The big news is this: Saguaro Market will NOT be acquiring our own location. The primary reason for this difficult decision is that my husband and I are no longer living full-time in Tucson. We relocated to Madison, WI for both professional & personal reasons which you can learn more about here.

I originally opened Saguaro Market as a creative outlet and a means to invest in the creative economy. Operating the market last fall, from afar, meant that I had to pay someone else to do the work that I loved and the work I did from afar was just that…work… with none of the creative & social upside. It's become clear that in order for Saguaro Market to continue a few things need to change.

So…here's what we're going to do:

  1. Instead of a once per month 4-day market, we will do periodic pop-up markets
  2. We're launching an e-commerce site with many of the same great gifts, cards, accessories and home goods you've come to love
  3. We're building a social “platform” (think Indigogo combined with for artists
  4. We'll be opening a new brick and mortar shop located in Madison, WI

We'll start with a Saguaro Market pop-up shop, similar in style and concept to the bonus clearance market we hosted last July. We'll be announcing the exact dates next month.

Next, we'll launch our updated e-commerce site offering much of the same great merchandise you came to expect from our brick and mortar shop, only better. No more waiting around for the once a month sales and no more missing out because you don't live in Tucson. You'll be able to shop 24-hours a day, 365-days a year from anywhere in the United States.

We'll launch the local-maker, social platform shortly after the launch of the new website. The social platform will allow artists to offer an exclusive product to Saguaro Market customers for a limited time only. The exclusivity means that Saguaro Market customers will receive a small batch, unique, hand-made item while the value to makers will be the knowledge of exactly how much product to make within a defined period of time. Everyone will win with this new platform.

Finally, our goal is to launch a new brick and mortar shop in Sun Prairie, WI just outside of Madison sometime in 2019. Our location will be hundreds of miles north of Tucson but our vision will remain the same: build the creative economy. We'll leverage our existing maker partnerships while also expanding our network of makers to create unique gifts, cards, accessories, and home goods which will be sold in the store & online.

We'll be posting much more about this new journey in the coming weeks and months. Please continue to follow along here and on Facebook/Instagram and as always, thank you for your continued and enthusiastic support! #saguaromarketcustomersarethebestcustomers

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  • Kristine Spengler on

    Thank you Kathy – I appreciate your steadfast support!!

  • Kathy Mundinger on

    Sounds like a fabulous opportunity for you and your family. I look forward to the new venture.

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