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Sourcing: Poster Kits

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Hi everyone! I'm looking to replace one of my top selling items with a similar but improved product that is sourced locally. Here are the details of the product as well as a photos of the current item I sell:


Poster kit 

Product Name: poster kit

Brand: Cavallini

Description: (see above in photo)

Product Objective: this product is designed to help customers display beautiful paper in a classy but inexpensive way.

Why do I want to source the product locally: This product retails at $14.95 per kit. Each kit consists of a 19-36" dowel cut in half with a thin satin ribbon glued from one end of one of the dowels to it's other end. The flat side of each half of the dowel has double sided tape. The customer peals off the protective coating of the double sided tape and adheres each dowel to an end of the paper on the front side. The poster can then be hung from a decorative nail contained within the poster kit packaging. It allows the customer to use the paper as either a decoration/poster or as wrapping paper.

The product is great in concept but the downside is that for the price ($14.95) it's rather cheaply made and loses it's stickiness within about a month making it necessary for the customer to replace the double sided tape shortly after purchasing it.

I believe there's an opportunity to make a similar but better product while charging the customer the same amount (or less). I would like the revised product to be more substantial in weight & be more easily reusable. 

Here are the specs of the revised product:

The kit would include a full dowel for each end of the paper. Each dowel would be cut in half and would adhere to the front and back of the paper. The revised kit would replace the double sided tape with thin magnets. The magnets would need to be strong enough to keep the paper in place but easy enough to separate so that customers could replace the paper with a new sheet & reuse the poster kit.

I pay about $8.00 per kit and would like to keep my price about the same or lower. I believe this can be done by using less expensive packaging for the kit itself as well as by eliminating the decorative nail.

Timeline: I'd like a revised version of this product in my store by April. 

Call to Action: If you're interested in designing this product for Saguaro Market please contact me at kristine@saguaro.market with your questions and/or an idea of how much something like this would cost me and what your minimum order would be. 


cavallini poster kit cavallini poster kit

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